For Crooker, paving is an essential part of our company and we take great pride in all aspects of the paving division. From blasting in the quarry to laydown on the street, we have streamlined the process of hot mix production and laydown through the dedication of our valued employees, making us one of the top companies and suppliers in the market.

Being one of very few companies in the state that produce and sell hot mix, using our Madsen batch plant, gives us a unique spot in the paving market. Paving services offered by Crooker include: hot mix sales, hot mix laydown, cold planing, and reclaiming, including an optional asphalt injection system. Having all of these services allows us to be a one stop shop when it comes to site prep, infrastructure installation, and roadway reconstruction.


  • MDOT Pittston
    MDOT Pittston, Randolph and Dresden, Route 27
  • Augusta Airport
    MDOT Augusta Airport

  • MDOT Brunswick
    MDOT Brunswick, Route 295 Ramps

  • Brunswick Paving
    Town of Brunswick 2018 Paving