February 1 2022

ELHS Project Update

To date we are at just over 40% complete and are on track for new facility turnover summer of 2023. Final Completion is slated for Summer 2024.

Site activities completed to date include grubbing/cuts/fills for the new school building, parking lots and tennis courts. Excavation, removal and replacement of 40,000 cy unsuitable soils was completed by mass removal by pushing the material with our D8 dozer to a load out pad where two excavators loaded the material out on to tri-axle dump trucks for offsite disposal.

Approximately 125,000 cy of granular and embankment fill have been imported from Pike Industries’ Poland facility. 50,000 cy of structural fill was brought in from KR Youland in Turner to support construction of the initial building pad.

Ledge removal (Maine Drilling and. Blasting) for the new building was undertaken late in the spring/early summer. This included 15 feet deep cuts within 50 feet of the occupied facility.

We were also able to utilize 25,000 cy of the blasted site ledge as structural fill (we crushed the ledge onsite and added/blended some of the imported Pike materials to meet spec). Another 25,000 cy of site ledge was crushed and placed as granular borrow for the tennis courts and site fills. Utilizing the blasted site ledge allowed us to save import and export of purchased materials, plus we were able to move the materials onsite with articulated haul trucks – saving the trucks for other projects during the paving season.

Goodwin Well has completed the majority of the geothermal system. Wells have been drilled/grouted and supply/return line piping installed. When things warm, water and glycol will be blended and introduced into the system.

Site Retaining Walls have just passed the 55% completion mark, and are ongoing over the winter.

Building foundations and under-slab plumbing have been installed. In the spring (when the soil thaws) we will install the remainder of the sub slab crushed stone and prep for concrete floor slab placement.

The sanitary sewer system has been installed and connected to the public utility system.

Site progress has slowed for the winter as we concentrate on installing  Storm Drain Piping/Catch Basins  and Stormwater Treatment/Retention Systems. When the weather warms (March) we will install the Water Main Piping to connect the school to the public utility system.

We have recently started phase 2 – which includes construction of future athletic field areas. We have cleared/grubbed the area and are preparing to blast around 15,000 cy of ledge to establish sub-grade. As before, the ledge will be crushed onsite and used as sub base gravel to construct parking lots this spring/summer.

Work over the spring/summer will include installation of gravels and bituminous pavements for phase 1. Site fill slopes will be finish graded and loamed and seeded.

Fall will see us starting phase 3 – construction of more athletic fields and running track which are to be turned over when they occupy the new school facility.

Spring 2023 work will primarily be site finishes – curb, sidewalks, surface paving, installation of the synthetic turf field (Astroturf, Inc)  , tennis courts and running track surface (Maine Tennis & Track).

The final push will be fall 2023 thru summer 2024 when we demolish the existing school (All-Mighty Waste Inc.), create additional parking areas, a new main access roadway and complete the natural grass fields.